How to Make the Most of Your Space in Living Room and Dining

You can find your living room in a small house or an apartment when you open the door and often share the same room with the dining room. This is a decorating challenge! But don't worry; you can harmonize the two spaces with the suitable types to create a single style and maximum impact.

It is about choosing the furniture very well and knowing how to organize it to save space and give an excellent first impression to the eye.

Neutral colors

A great option for Living Room and Dining Room Partition is to achieve a feeling of spaciousness in your room is to painting the walls in neutral colors. This will increase the lightness and feeling of spaciousness in the room. You can also apply this advice to the decoration, the art with which the walls, the main furniture, and even the small decorations will be decorated.

Geometric armchairs

Currently, there is an endless amount of styles of armchairs, but the most recommended when furnishing a small living room, without a doubt, is a geometric armchair. This will give structure and order to the space. You can choose a square armchair or a traditional armchair with arms. You can play with the shape of the cushions to give them a different and original touch without losing the structure.

Portrait space

When decorating and furnishing a small space for Living Room and Dining Room Partition, one of the best tips is not to forget vertical space. You can choose between shelves, shelves, and even bookcases, but remember to maintain a balance so that this space is not saturated and counterproductive. By taking advantage of the vertical space, you are securing a bit of storage space, and you can give a feeling of spaciousness and order to the room.


It is no secret that decorating with mirrors is a great solution to expand small spaces. And this applies equally to small rooms; you can opt for a large vertical mirror, a set of circular mirrors, and even experiment with irregular shapes. Just be sure to position the mirror where it can reflect light and ensure openness to your space.

Open spaces

If your living room is small, the best option to maximize the feeling of spaciousness is to create open space; it may be that the living room and dining room are in the same room, so by keeping the spaces open, the spaciousness of the room is ensured. If you prefer to have a little more defined spaces, you can choose to divide with bookcases or glass walls. In this way, light is not lost, but a discreet division is created.

Multifunctional furniture

The best solution to maximize space is multifunctional furniture for a small room and generally in a small room. They can be benches that can be used as tables, coffee tables that can be transformed into dining rooms, and even the well-known sofa beds. In this way, the furniture is given more than one use, and the activities that can be carried out in the room are maximized.

Furniture with storage

Stools double as storage boxes, TV consoles with doors in which you can store large items, and even couches with lift-up parts to keep blankets and cushions. All these will be your best friends in a small room since you can take advantage of the space without the need to add furniture.

Under the windows

If you have the privilege of having a window in your living room, natural light will invade the space, and it will undoubtedly feel much larger automatically. You can play with low furniture and shelves that do not block the view and the light from entering but give you the option to store and decorate.

Conclusion: All these tips will help you fully maximize your living room space and can be applied to any other room in your home that needs a makeover and maybe a little more space.

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