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The 5 Best Room Dividers for Every Budget

A growing trend is to opt for more diaphanous and open spaces, much more versatile and multifunctional spaces, where different environments are created according to the needs of each moment. This way, compartmentalized homes with partitions with a lot of space for circulation areas (corridors and di...

5 Reasons to Select Freestanding Single Panel Room Divider for Home

Suppose you have an open space or studio apartment and divide the entire house into different rooms. How will you do it? The simple answer would be to erect walls to create different spaces. However, concrete walls can be expensive, troublesome and if you do not want the wall in place, you cannot si...

Why Steel Aid is Best Option for Perfect Panel Room Divider?

If you want to know why many choose Steel-Aid for perfect room dividers, you are in the right place. We offer various panel room dividers in different shapes and sizes as per your needs. The pandemic increased the work-from-home tremendously and also increased the demand for room dividers to provide...