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The 5 Best Room Dividers for Every Budget

A growing trend is to opt for more diaphanous and open spaces, much more versatile and multifunctional spaces, where different environments are created according to the needs of each moment. This way, compartmentalized homes with partitions with a lot of space for circulation areas (corridors and di...

10 Key Benefits of Portable Room Dividers

People use room dividers to divide a large room into different sections. You may have seen room dividers at different places. For example, residential room dividers traditionally demand a large drawing room from the kitchen and bathroom. You can also find them at religious places such as churches, m...

Stylish Folding Screen Room Divider Will Help You Elevate Any Space

It is our instinct to protect our personal space as human beings. Privacy is one thing that all humans desire to have in all life aspects. But how are you supposed to maintain it when you share the place with others? For instance, living in shared dorms makes it extremely difficult for people to kee...